{sold} Summer Cream

{sold} Cafe le centenaire

{sold} French Flowers

{sold} Eiffel Tower at Sunset

{sold} Cafe Lorette

{sold} Piano (Nashville)

{sold} Fleetwood Mac on Sunday Morning

Violin (#45)

Tribute to White Stripes

Ben & Jerry’s

{sold} Soda Plant

{sold} Creemees

Apple Preserves 6

Front Street Deli

Cherries IV

{sold} Cafe Bonaparte

{sold} Cafe le Mont

{sold} Ridin’ High (Burlington, Vermont)

We live upstairs (Montreal)

{sold} Jack in a Jar (with dice)

Stax Studio (Memphis)

{sold} Patati Patata

Behind the Scenes: Two Guitars (Why Mud)

{sold} Les Chimeres

The Brooklyn Cafe

{sold} Boulangerie Beaumarchais

Piano III

Pearl Drum (Sore Losers)

Behind the Scenes: The Lord of Altamont

Behind the Scenes: Radio Elvis

Behind the Scenes: BOD

Behind the Scenes: Starcrawler

{sold} Behind the Scenes: Plants and Animals

Jay Buchanan (Rival Sons)

Alison Mosshart, The Kills


Behind the Scenes: Pedals

{sold} “These People are Like Family”

{sold} Venice Gondolas

{sold} Odette

{sold} Purple Cups III

Ciel #3

{sold} Ciel #2

{sold} Public Market at Sunset (2016)

Cordon Bleu Fish

Jack in a Jar II

{sold} La Fontaine Bleu

{sold} Happy Hours

K7-1 (2016)

Comptoir Moderne

Cafe le pré aux clercs

{sold} Doc Martens

{sold} K7-4

{sold} Citrons II

{sold} Purple Cups II

{sold} Citrons

{sold} Cherries in Green Bowl

{sold} Chaises de café II

{sold} Flowers in Ball Jar

{sold} Chaises de cafe III

{sold} Working Late

{sold} “Moon River”

{sold}“Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”

{sold} 9 in a Jar

{sold} Chaises de café

{sold} Blue Sky St Honore

{sold} Red Wine Converse II

{sold} Esmeralda

{sold} Patissier

{sold} Strawberries III

{sold} Busted Flat in Baton Rouge

{sold} King of Hearts

{sold} Strawberry Preserves II

{sold} Radio City

Brett Anderson (Suede)

{sold} Jack of Hearts

{sold} Spoons

Deauville Deux {sold}

{sold} Oh Cherry Cherry

{sold} Cafe Cuba Compagnie

{sold} Me and Bobby McGee

{sold} a french fork in the road

{sold} Halifax

{not for sale} Palliative Flowers

Your grandmother is calling

View From the Studio II

Morten at La Cigale [not for sale]

Electric Edge [not for sale]

Chez Ginette

{sold} Platine vinyl V

{sold} Petits fruits

{sold} Delice Buci

{sold} Starbucks 3

{sold} Time for the Crossword

{sold} Velo Shadow

{sold} Cola Neon

{sold} Cafe des 2 Moulins

{sold} Seattle Public Market

{sold} VW Bus

{sold} Paris Metro II

{sold} Cafe L’Instant Partagé

{sold} Boulangerie II

{sold} Boulangerie

{sold} Cafe au Rendez-Vous II

{sold} Orange Converse

Piano II

{sold} Ciel #1

Cafe Le Mirasol

{sold} Metro Bastille

{sold} Summer Ride

{sold} Le Bar du Marche II

{sold} Liquitex Rainbow III

Painting in Progress II

Bistrot La petite rotonde

{sold} La maison rose

{sold} Metro Porte Dauphine

{sold} Boat Afloat II

{sold} This Afternoon

Jasmine Tea

Three Lemons

Seedless Please

Help Me Make It Through the Night

Cherries III

Cafe Chairs

{sold} Sunday Morning Coming Down

{sold} Cherries II

{sold} Japanese Tea Pot

{sold} Starbucks coffee in the sun

{sold} Cafe Saint-Augustin (plat du jour)

Lemons & Strawberries

When life gives you lemons

{sold} Boulevard Saint Germain

{sold} Le Champ de Mars II

{sold} Paris Saint-Germain

{sold} Rich and Famous

Apple Preserves V

Porto Tram II

Cafe Le Sabot Rouge

Metro Paris

{sold} Cafe in the 12th

{sold} Porto Tram

{sold} Metro Invalides

{sold} Wine O’Clock Cinq

{sold} Cafe de Flore

Platine vinyle IV

{sold} Cafe Brazil

{sold} Platine vinyle III

{sold} View From the Studio

{sold} Platine vinyle II

{sold} High in the Sky

{sold} Fresh Cherries

Mercedes II

Eiffel Tower Today

{sold} Fresh squeezed

{sold} Just one more cup

{sold} Eiffel Tower Detail

{sold} Vintage Cadillac

{sold} VW Bug

{sold} Cafe Le Troquet du Temple

{sold} Purple Cups

{sold} Platine vinyle

{sold} Coca-Light Deux

Blue Rotary Telephone

{sold} Bossa Nova

{sold} Vanilla & Cherry Cupcakes

{sold} Hard Rock Cafe

{sold} Neon Cafe Paris

{sold} Saturday Paper

{sold} Yellow Door

Little and Large

{sold} Laverie

{sold} Rotary Phone

sold Close Converse

{sold} Eiffel Tower with Light II

{sold} French Doors

{sold} Wine O’Clock IV

{sold} Darcy

{sold} Converse High Tops

{sold} Vintage Vinyl II

{sold} Cinnamon Latte

{sold} Hello? It’s for you.

{sold} Happily Ever After V

{sold} Brasserie Le Relais Madeleine

{sold} Time for change …

{sold} Apple Preserves IV

{sold} Cafe Le Commerce

{sold} Cafe Le Petit Pont

{sold} Cafe Au Canon des Invalides

{sold} Cafe Le Buci

{sold} Cafe Bar du Marche

{sold} Cafe La Poule au Pot

Pure Peppermint

{sold} Wine O’Clock Deux

{sold} K7 Three

{sold} Red Wine Converse

Deauville … {sold}